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  • "I used to have trouble with my back and neck. At the age of 40 it was sometimes hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. Since I’ve been taking the tablets, I just get right up and I’m off the races. No rolling off and gingerly moving around. It’s as if I’m 20 again."



    "I am writing you on behalf of Dr. Seres-Sturm from the Medical University of Targu Mures, Romania. I am one of his employees, currently ECFMG fellow at Georgetown. Dr. Seres-Sturm asked me to contact you regarding your collaboration in monitoring the histamine levels in patients under treatment with your antiarthritic formula. So far, we have administrated your formula in 30 patients, and at 4 to 6 month the clinical results are good."

    Lucian Bodgan Solomon, Georgetown University Medical Center 


    "First of all thank you! This is really a miracle substance! It was interesting as it started to work. The tablet already the first day was felt as my hip pain decreased, however in two other places my pain was significantly increased. Then 3-4 days later all pain started to disappear. But, what is most important, that’s what was declared by my medical doctors as helpless, my foot totally resolved. My movement’s became free and without pain. Now I will start to go to the gym so I can strengthen my muscles."

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    "Professor Karl, I just want to tell you that your pills are a miracle. I no longer have any pain in my knees and the back pain is almost gone."

    Regards, Maya

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  • Clinical Experience

    K. male, age 62

    Inflamed arthritic knees requiring surgery. Patient was taking aspirin, ibuprofin and various other drugs for pain every day. Threatened by side effects he began nutritional therapy and within six month he was pain free without harmful side effects of drugs.

    A. S. female, age 74

    Area of arthritis comprised of lower spine and hips. Patient described physicians diagnosis as degenerative arthritis and osteoporosis. Began nutritional therapy of vitamin C (calcium ascorbate, niacin and multiple vitamins as prescribed). Four month later the pain seemed to be 20 percent better. Two months later the pain was completely gone.

    U. male, age 47

    Arthritis in both knees with possible need of surgery. He described arthritis in several fingers. These symptoms incapacitated him from his favorite winter sport – skiing. He began nutritional therapy of niacin and calcium ascorbate plus multiple vitamins. Two months later he experienced pain relief and increased mobility.

    F. male, age 84

    Area of arthritis was right leg and hip. After the therapy was begun, first sign of pain relief and increased mobility was during two months. Prior to nutritional therapy patient took ibuprofin daily with poor results.

    S. K. male, age 67

    Severe arthritis in left knee. Knee quite destroted and caused patient to alk with an unusual gate. He was told by his physician that he needed an artificial knee. He declined this mode of therapy. Started treatment and noticed initial relief and greater mobility toward three month later.

    N. female, age 75

    Arthritis of hands, feet, ankle and knees with pain and limited movement. Began therapy and four month later reported decrease in pain and greater mobility. She reported no pain, no swelling and greater mobility.

    R. female, age 57

    Arthritis of the spine in the cervical area. This was diagnosed as cervical degeneration. After began therapy there was significant relief within six months.

    U. female, age 72

    Arthritis in the spine, hips and knees. Found it difficult to get up from a chair. Mobility was quite limited. Began nutritional therapy. Within two months she had a moderate amount of pain with increased mobility. Normal mobility with little to no discomfort.

    G. male, age 81

    Suffered from very painful hands. The burning and sharp pain at night was severe enough to wake him. In the morning his hands were so stiff he could not make a first Began nutritional formula of Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate), niacin and multivitamin. He noticed some improvement within a few weeks. His nightmare of pain had disappeared completely.


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