The major active component of the Verebey Joint Support is NIACIN. NIACIN AND NIACINAMIDE are precursors of the biochemical co-factors NAD+ and NADH. (NAD = Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). These biochemical co-factors are involved in a large number of critical biochemical reactions. They function in all living cells in the body.

NIACIN is converted in the body to NIACINAMIDE which is further converted into NAD+ and NADH .These critical electron transferor co-factors are involved in energy, lipid, and protein synthesis and catabolism. They are involved in the overall metabolic activity of the body.

NIACIN and NIACINAMIDE are highly water soluble and rapidly excreted from the body. That is why the urine appears more yellow after taking the Verebey Joint Support tablet. Yet high bio-availability is necessary for youthful cellular and tissue functions. Dr. Ying’s known publication suggests that DEFICIENCY of NAD+ and NADH Cofactors in the body are responsible for aging and age related diseases. (Ying W, NAD+ and NADH in cellular functions and cell death, 2006, Frontiers in Bioscience, 11:3129-3148)

The exact mechanism directly showing niacin’s ability reducing inflammation related pain and supporting rebuilding joints is not known. However, clinical observations of increased joint flexibility and specific measurements of blood erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) improvements prove niacinamide’s effectiveness in the treatment of joint diseases.

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  • How often should I take Verebey Joint Support?

    As a dietary supplement take two tablets of Verebey Joint Support, three times per day. For severe pain take three tablets, three times per day. You may experience facial flushing. However, this would not be visible, and due to the special production method it is not unpleasant. Facial flushing is a natural side effect of the saturation of the higher amount of Niacin. After effective pain relief you might lower your daily dosage to three times two tablets or three times one tablet. Your daily dosage can be modified according to your own preference and health condition. Verebey Joint Support contains only natural ingredients and vitamins. Any excess amount will be excreted in your urine. In most cases, the effective and adequate dosage is two tablets, three times daily. Consult your physician or other health care professionals on how to take this product and on potential side effects and interactions, if you have any medical condition.
  • How long do I have to wait for the effect?

    Verebey Joint Support is not a medication but a dietary supplement. It does not contain any additional chemical substance but vitamins and gelatin. Its effect can vary from person to person. For some people it might take a bit longer before their symptoms will improve. Some patients reported an improvement of their symptoms within a very short period of time after taking the supplement. However, normally it will take four to six weeks before you feel the full benefits of the product. For best results keep using the supplement because the active ingredients are not stored in your body and continuous supply is needed.
  • What happens if I stop taking Verebey Joint Support?

    If Verebey Joint Support reduced your joint arthritis pain and improved your joint mobility, do not stop taking it. Research has shown that continuous supplementation is required for long term health benefits. Once you discontinue taking the product, the impact of Niacin wears off. As a result, the inflammation and pain will return.
  • Should I take this supplement after surgery?

    Definitely, it complements the surgical treatment really well. Experience shows that in some cases surgery may be prevented by Verebey Joint Support. If you have already undergone surgery, it will help you to alleviate residual pain and mobility problems. Verebey Joint Support has definitely positive effects on treating and preventing the symptoms of degenerative joint disease. Verebey Joint Support is recommended for healthy individuals too because it helps them stay injury free.
  • What should I do if I have a mild facial flushing?

    You do not need to worry about it. Niacin flush is harmless, not dangerous and it goes away within a short period of time. A flush indicates saturation of Niacin and it is desirable to continue taking the supplement. However, if the mild flushing sensation bothers you, you might reduce your daily dosage. The unique manufacturing technique of Verebey Joint Support eliminates the intense flushing reaction, which otherwise would cause extreme skin redness and itching. Most commercially available Niacin products come with that effect. Verebey Joint Support has the great advantage of supplying the body with the right amount of Niacin without or drastically reduced side effects.
  • Can I use it for prevention?

    Absolutely, the active ingredients of Verebey Joint Support help prevent joint damage and are beneficial for the prevention of other diseases. You can read more on this in the section about the effects of Niacin. The main active ingredients of Verebey Joint Support slow down aging and the development of certain diseases associated with aging. It is apt to prevent numerous diseases and highly recommended for people with a predisposition to joint damage.
  • Does Verebey Joint Support have any harmful effect?

    Verebey Joint Support exclusively contains vitamins, gelatin and natural herbal ingredients. The ingredients can be found on the product label. The product does not contain any artificial or additional chemical substance. Any excess vitamin not used by your body will be excreted in your urine. In any case, you are advised to consult your physician on how to take this product and on potential side effects and interactions, if you have any medical condition.
  • What is Verebey Joint Support: Medication or vitamin?

    Verebey Joint Support is not a medication. It is a dietary supplement with vitamins and natural ingredients that help to overcome the causes of joint pain. The production technology of Verebey Joint Support makes it possible for your body to get the essential Niacin for life processes, and this will positively affect the condition of those who suffer of joint pain. It does not directly relieve the pain, but helps eliminate the source of the discomfort.
  • Where to buy Verebey Joint Support?

    Verebey Joint Support does not contain vitamins in the commercially available form. Due to its special production technology it supplies the body with vitamins with the same efficiency as they can be found in food. This makes the product especially efficient. Therefore, Verebey Joint Support cannot be replaced by mixing its ingredients in the commercially available form. This composition and production technology is only available in Verebey Joint Support and its effect cannot be replaced by any other product. Verebey Joint Support is exclusively sold on this website.


  • a miracle substance!

    Dear Professor! First of all thank you! This is really a miracle substance!! It was interesting as it started to work. The tablet already the first day was felt as my hip pain decreased, however in two other places my pain was significantly increased. Then 3-4 days later all pain started to disappear. But, what is most important, that’s what was declared by my medical doctors as helpless, my foot totally resolved. My movement’s became freer and without pain. Any doctors who examined me previously recommended surgical procedures. Now I will start to go to the gym so I can strengthen my muscles. My question to you what is next? In a couple of days I run out of you Niacin supplement. If I stop will pain return? I would not like again living on pain relievers. With regards, K.O.
  • the clinical results are good!

    Dear Dr. Verebey, I am writing you on behalf of Dr. Seres-Sturm from the Medical University of Targu Mures, Romania. I am one of his employees, currently ECFMG fellow at Georgetown. Dr. Seres-Sturm asked me to contact you regarding your collaboration in monitoring the histamine levels in patients under treatment with your antiarthritic formula. So far, we have administrated your formula in 30 patients, and at 4 to 6 month the clinical results are good. Lucian Bodgan Solomon Georgetown University Medical Center
  • free of the excruciating pain

    Dear Karl - Just a note to let you know that the pills work at lower dose than recommended. I have not been a compliant subject, so I hope you weren’t planning to use data from me. I could not tolerate 9 pills a day – (they make me feel nauseated). I have been taking 2 with breakfast and 2 after dinner. I am not entirely pain free in the troublesome joints, but for at least the past 10 nights I have been free of the excruciating pain in my hip and leg (most probably due to a pinched nerve) that has been interrupting my sleep for most of the past year. I tried adding an afternoon dose but got an upset stomach and have backed down to the 4 pills a day plus an extra niacin 100 in AM. I’ll keep you posted! Faith
  • as if I'm 20 again!

    Karl, I have given your niacin regimen to several people all of which had great results, here are some examples. I used to have trouble with my back and neck. At the age of 40 it was sometimes hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. I found myself having to roll out and gently move around while my body was adjusting to being up. Since I’ve been taking the niacin, I just get right up and I’m off the races. No rolling off and gingerly moving around. It’s as if I’m 20 again. My aunt who is 67 was diagnosed with arthritis in her early 30’s. She worked in a carpet mill most of her life and had developed carpal tunnel as well. She used to have to take pain medication in order to be able to sleep at night. She started taking niacin about 4 years ago and now is virtually pain free. Not so much as an advil now. She stopped taking it once and her pain returned immediately so she is back on it now and swears by it. There is another gentleman who installs doors and windows for a living. He used to complain that his fingers fell as if they needed some type of lubricant when he first got up and that he had to move them around, working them back and forth to get them working properly. He is 53 and has been taking niacin for about 3 years with no more pain and stiffness in his hands. Donna
  • your pills are a miracle

    Professor Karl I just want to tell you that your pills are a miracle. I no longer have any pain in my knees and the back pain is almost gone. Regards, Maya


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