The major active component of the Verebey Joint Support is NIACIN. NIACIN AND NIACINAMIDE are precursors of the biochemical co-factors NAD+ and NADH. (NAD = Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). These biochemical co-factors are involved in a large number of critical biochemical reactions. They function in all living cells in the body.

NIACIN is converted in the body to NIACINAMIDE which is further converted into NAD+ and NADH .These critical electron transferor co-factors are involved in energy, lipid, and protein synthesis and catabolism. They are involved in the overall metabolic activity of the body.

NIACIN and NIACINAMIDE are highly water soluble and rapidly excreted from the body. That is why the urine appears more yellow after taking the Verebey Joint Support tablet. Yet high bio-availability is necessary for youthful cellular and tissue functions. Dr. Ying’s known publication suggests that DEFICIENCY of NAD+ and NADH Cofactors in the body are responsible for aging and age related diseases. (Ying W, NAD+ and NADH in cellular functions and cell death, 2006, Frontiers in Bioscience, 11:3129-3148)

The exact mechanism directly showing niacin’s ability reducing inflammation related pain and supporting rebuilding joints is not known. However, clinical observations of increased joint flexibility and specific measurements of blood erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) improvements prove niacinamide’s effectiveness in the treatment of joint diseases.

NAD+ and NADH in cellular functions and cell death 

Dr. Ying W., Department of Neurology, University of California, San Francisco  Veterans Affairs Medical Center, San Francisco, CA 94121 USA

Increasing evidence has indicated that NAD+ and NADH play critical roles not only in energy metabolism, but also in cell death and various cellular functions including regulation of calcium homeostasis and gene expression. It has also been indicated that NAD+ and NADH are mediators of multiple major biological processes including aging.

NAD+ and NADH produce the biological effects by regulating numerous NAD+/NADH-dependent enzymes, including dehydrogenases, poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases, Sir2 family proteins (sirtuins), mono(ADP-ribosyl)transferases, and ADP-ribosyl cyclases.

Of particular interest, NAD+-dependent generation of ADP-ribose, cyclic ADP-ribose and O-acetyl-ADP-ribose can mediate calcium homeostasis by affecting TRPM2 receptors and ryanodine receptors; and sirtuins and PARPs appear to play key roles in aging, cell death and a variety of cellular functions. It has also been indicated that NADH and NAD+ can be  transported across plasma membranes of cells, and that extracellular NAD+ may be a new signaling molecule.

Our latest studies have shown that intranasal NAD+ administration can profoundly decrease ischemic brain damage. These new pieces of information have fundamentally changed our understanding about NAD+ and NADH, suggesting novel paradigms about the metabolism and biological activities of NAD+ and NADH. Based on this information, it is tempted to hypothesize that NAD+ and NADH, together with ATP and Ca2+, may be four most fundamental components in life, which can significantly affect nearly all major biological processes.

Future studies on NAD+ and NADH may not only elucidate some fundamental mysteries in biology, but also provide novel insights for interfering aging and many disease processes.

New Study On Paralysis Will Focus On Vitamin B3 Precursor

Weill Cornell Medical College has received a $2.5 million grant from the New York State Spinal Cord Injury Research Board to investigate the impact of a naturally-occurring substance in helping prevent paralysis following an injury.

The research will focus on a vitamin B3 precursor as scientists believe that increasing the levels of the compound that converts to the active form of vitamin B3 (called NAD+) can be useful in preventing permanent nerve damage.

“Our study is aimed at synthesizing a molecule that, when given soon after injury, may augment the body’s production of NAD+ and rescue these cells before they are stressed beyond recovery,” says Dr. Samie Jaffrey, associate professor of pharmacology at Weill Cornell Medical College.

The theory behind the upcoming study is based on the fact that vitamin B3 plays a key role in cells by activating proteins called sirtuins that help the cells survive under stress. Sirtuins, which can be activated by compounds like resveratrol—found in large concentrations in the skin of grapes used to make red wine—have been shown to possess anti-aging and healing properties.

Those interested in maintaining muscle health may also turn to nutritional supplements containing B vitamins.

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  • How often should I take Verebey Joint Support?

    The daily dosage of Verebey Joint Support is 3 x 2 tablets. In most cases the daily maximum of 3 x 2 tablets is efficient. Verebey Joint Support should not be taken on an empty stomach. Take the dietary supplement three times daily, directly after a hearty meal with plenty of water. The use of Verebey Joint Support should be started at a low dose and gradually increased. These steps will help you to limit or avoid any flushing, which is a common but harmless side effect of Niacin therapy. Start with one pill a day for the first time. After a week or a few days, take two tablets daily. If preliminary symptoms of flushing do not occur or they go away, in a couple of days you might increase the dosage to three pills per day. If 3 x 1 tablets a day does not cause any flushing, the dosage may be increased to the daily maximum of 3 x 2 tablets. If 3 x 2 tablets a day does not cause any flushing symptoms that means your body developed the appropriate level of tolerance to Niacin. Therefore, you do not need more adjustment and you can keep continue taking the supplement on the normal, daily maximum level. If you feel nausea, temporary reduce your dosage of Verebey Joint Support. The maximum daily dosage, 3 x 2 tablets of Verebey Joint Support contains 210 mg of Niacin, which is divided into three doses per day. It is not a high dose. Patients in hospitals with severe arthritis or high cholesterol were treated with 3000-5000 mg of Niacin daily. Due to its production method, Verebey Joint Support is exceptionally well absorbed and penetrated into the cells; therefore, it is effective even with a lower dosage.

  • How long do I have to wait for the effect?

    Verebey Joint Support is not a medication but a dietary supplement. Its effect can vary from person to person. For some people it might take a bit longer before their symptoms improve. Some patients reported an improvement of their symptoms within a very short period of time after taking the supplement. However, normally it will take four to six weeks before you feel the full benefits of Verebey Joint Support.

  • What happens if I stop taking Verebey Joint Support?

    If Verebey Joint Support reduced your joint arthritis pain and improved your joint mobility, do not stop taking it. Research has shown that continuous supplementation is required for long term health benefits. Once you discontinue taking the product, the impact of Niacin wears off. As a result, the inflammation and pain will return, because Niacin is a water-soluble vitamin that is not stored in the body. Any excess amount leaves the body with the urine; therefore, it must continuously be replaced.

  • Should I take this supplement after surgery?

    Definitely. It complements the surgical treatment really well. Experience shows that in some cases surgery may be prevented by Verebey Joint Support. If you have already undergone surgery, it will help you to alleviate residual pain and mobility problems. Also Verebey Joint Support has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects.

  • What should I do in case of a mild facial flushing?

    Taking the product according to the suggested dosage helps develop the appropriate level of tolerance to Niacin, and the patients might avoid any flushing. Always take Verebey Joint Support on a full stomach or with a meal and increase your daily water consumption. Even though, if you experience sunburn like blushing with an insignificant itching and tingling sensation, you do not need to worry about it. Niacin flush and redness of the skin are completely harmless phenomena and there is no need to be afraid of them. These flushes are usually short-lived, lasting no more than 20 25 minutes and caused by the vasodilating effects of Niacin. Drinking more water will help you to eliminate it. If you are having trouble with side effects such as redness of the skin, you might need to temporarily reduce your dose. In a couple of days you can try to gradually increase your dosage again to the daily maximum of 3 x 2 tablets. If you feel dizziness or nausea, reduce your dosage of Verebey Joint Support. Your daily dosage can be modified according to your own preference and health condition.

    In case of warmth, mild redness, itching and/or tingling sensation of the skin, you do not need to worry. It is harmless, not dangerous and it goes away within half an hour. Preliminary symptoms of flushing do not occur during the full length of Niacin therapy, because most patients develop the appropriate level of tolerance to Niacin relatively easily. Carefully following the serving size suggestions will completely minimize or eliminate the risk of a flushing reaction.

  • What should I do if I have mild facial flushing?

    If you experience mild warmth or itching on your face and neck for a few minutes without accompanying skin redness, it is not a problem. You do not need to reduce your dosage. It is only an indication that the Niacin has been absorbed and works. Some people even enjoy this sensation, which will be gone in a couple of minutes.

  • Can I use it for prevention?

    Absolutely. The active ingredients of Verebey Joint Support help prevent joint damage and are beneficial for the prevention of other diseases. The active ingredient in Verebey Joint Support is Niacin, which can work in relieving the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. However, these are not the only advantages of Niacin. It helps to significantly reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or in other words "bad" cholesterol, and to increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or in other words "good" cholesterol in the bloodstream. Increased high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or “good” cholesterol levels might correlate with better cardiovascular health and a reduced risk of heart attack. Niacin helps to reduce high blood pressure. Another Niacin feature is its positive impact on the nervous system and the brain. Niacin has a set-back on the aging process, and prevents the formation of aging-associated diseases.

  • Does Verebey Joint Support have any harmful effects?

    Verebey Joint Support contains no toxic materials, therefore, does not have any harmful side effects.
    Though Niacin (vitamin B3) the active ingredient of Verebey Joint Support may interact with other medications. If you are currently being treated with any medication, you should not use Niacin without first talking to your healthcare provider. Consult your physician or other health care professionals on how to take this product and on potential side effects and interactions caused by Niacin, if you have any medical condition. Inform your health care provider that the maximum daily dosage, 2 x 3 tablets of Verebey Joint Support contains 210 mg of Niacin, which is divided into three doses per day. It might be a totally safe dietary supplement for you, but supervision and monitoring by an experienced health care professional is advisable regarding this formula’s effects on any underlying diseases and interactions with other drugs.
    You may have heard of that the consumption of large amounts of Niacin can affect the liver. This is especially true for the products which delay the absorption of Niacin and eliminate the natural redness of the skin. Verebey Joint Support is not one of those products. Taking Verebey Joint Support according to the suggested dosage helps develop the appropriate level of tolerance to Niacin. Therefore, the use of Verebey Joint Support should be started at a low dose and gradually increased to limit or avoid any flushing. Physicians utilizing Niacin in medical treatments have never described any harmful side effects of Niacin. Therefore, Niacin is available without prescription. Verebey Joint Support contains 210 mg of Niacin, which is not a high dose. Even 500 mg of Niacin is accessible without prescription. In hospitals 3000-5000 mg of Niacin is administered as a daily dosage to patients without any harmful side effects.

  • What is Verebey Joint Support: Medication or Vitamin?

    Verebey Joint Support is not a medication. It is a dietary supplement with vitamins and natural ingredients that help to overcome the causes of joint pain. The production technology of Verebey Joint Support makes it possible to relieve the pain and inflammation, although the Niacin content is not extremely high in the formula and it is administered in several doses per day. Niacin is being used in medical treatments. However, Verebey Joint Support is not a medication but a dietary supplement which helps you to enjoy a better, pain free life.

  • Where can I buy Verebey Joint Support?

    Verebey Joint Support is exclusively sold on our website. You can place an order online or send your request by mail. You can make your payment online through our website, or by mailing a check or money order. If you choose to mail your payment by mail make your check or money order payable to Ludman Fit Corporation. Mail your order and payment to Ludman Fit Corporation, 180 Walnut St. A47. Montclair, NJ 07042. The cost of Verebey Joint Support is $49 plus delivery charge. Your delivery charge will be calculated at the checkout, or you can check the rates of delivery charges on our website at, or call us at +973-508-4278.
    Verebey Joint Support cannot be replaced by mixing its ingredients in the commercially available form. Verebey Joint Support does not contain vitamins in the commercially available form. Due to its special production technology it supplies the body with vitamins with the same efficiency as they can be found in food. This makes the product especially efficient. This composition and production technology is only available in Verebey Joint Support and its effect cannot be replaced by any other product.


  • A miracle substance!

    Dear Professor!

    First of all thank you! This is really a miracle substance!! It was interesting as it started to work. The tablet already the first day was felt as my hip pain decreased, however in two other places my pain was significantly increased. Then 3-4 days later all pain started to disappear. But, what is most important, that’s what was declared by my medical doctors as helpless, my foot totally resolved. My movement’s became freer and without pain. Any doctors who examined me previously recommended surgical procedures. Now I will start to go to the gym so I can strengthen my muscles. My question to you what is next? In a couple of days I run out of you Niacin supplement. If I stop will pain return? I would not like again living on pain relievers.

    With regards, K.O.

  • The clinical results are good!

    Dear Dr. Verebey,

    I am writing you on behalf of Dr. Seres-Sturm from the Medical University of Targu Mures, Romania. I am one of his employees, currently ECFMG fellow at Georgetown. Dr. Seres-Sturm asked me to contact you regarding your collaboration in monitoring the histamine levels in patients under treatment with your antiarthritic formula. So far, we have administrated your formula in 30 patients, and at 4 to 6 month the clinical results are good.

    Lucian Bodgan Solomon
    Georgetown University Medical Center

  • Free of the excruciating pain

    Dear Karl -

    Just a note to let you know that the pills work at lower dose than recommended. I have not been a compliant subject, so I hope you weren’t planning to use data from me. I could not tolerate 9 pills a day – (they make me feel nauseated). I have been taking 2 with breakfast and 2 after dinner. I am not entirely pain free in the troublesome joints, but for at least the past 10 nights I have been free of the excruciating pain in my hip and leg (most probably due to a pinched nerve) that has been interrupting my sleep for most of the past year. I tried adding an afternoon dose but got an upset stomach and have backed down to the 4 pills a day plus an extra niacin 100 in AM.

    I’ll keep you posted!

  • As if I'm 20 again!


    I have given your niacin regimen to several people all of which had great results, here are some examples.
    I used to have trouble with my back and neck. At the age of 40 it was sometimes hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. I found myself having to roll out and gently move around while my body was adjusting to being up. Since I’ve been taking the niacin, I just get right up and I’m off the races. No rolling off and gingerly moving around. It’s as if I’m 20 again.
    My aunt who is 67 was diagnosed with arthritis in her early 30’s. She worked in a carpet mill most of her life and had developed carpal tunnel as well. She used to have to take pain medication in order to be able to sleep at night. She started taking niacin about 4 years ago and now is virtually pain free. Not so much as an advil now. She stopped taking it once and her pain returned immediately so she is back on it now and swears by it.
    There is another gentleman who installs doors and windows for a living. He used to complain that his fingers fell as if they needed some type of lubricant when he first got up and that he had to move them around, working them back and forth to get them working properly. He is 53 and has been taking niacin for about 3 years with no more pain and stiffness in his hands.


  • Your pills are a miracle

    Professor Karl

    I just want to tell you that your pills are a miracle. I no longer have any pain in my knees and the back pain is almost gone.



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